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Fulltime housewifey!

June 12, 2013

Its been a year since i quit from tanco. If someone asked would you like to come back to work, my…. is yes but no! Im start to think how luqman n alya if i go out to work. But its not easy again its worthit!.
Gud thing about full timehouse wife is my children is wit me. Thats the only thing. Believe me if u not ready pls just continue wit your work dont quit like me!
Bad thing is no MC,no lunch time,no holiday, its 24 7 a day!
What is really important is time, and anger management! Saye jd seorng yg lebih penyabar dr dlu!
Guess what, now i have my own skincare regime, supplement and wanna dressed up lbih cntik!. Dlu so bz wit work, tired, asyik nk mrh2 sbb bdn slalu letih, pkai pun selebet. But now only i know what is serum that is important to our face!
Again thank u to my husband. So supportive n now im having much2 more balance life, lebih happy, bile happy lebih cantik you!

But no gaji laa every month have to ask my banker but kne jimat!. Tp msa ade gaji i cant even buy anything i want like now sbb no time at all.


Us on the top of gunung jerai. I can be anywhere wit my children. Pls bare that anything happen is not for free, im losing my monthly salary to hear luqman first word, to cook their meals, so choose wisely dear! Everyone situation not same to each other so make the best decision for u n your loves one.


They are my happiness!

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